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Bar Events is a professional team of Bartenders that offers services tailored to your needs. For individuals as for professionals. We take care of everything : design, organization and adaptation.

Temporary Bar

We move throughout FRANCE. We offer our Bar Ephémère service so you do not have to worry about anything. We provide Bar, glassware, drinks (alcoholic or not), the small Bar equipment and the necessary equipment for the Mixology.

A la carte

No matter the place, the event or the time of the service, we can make you a proposal à la carte. Our formulas can be adapted to your request. For both professionals and individuals, Bar Events ensures that your expectations are met and your needs fully met.

Luxury Option

The Luxury package offers your guests a prestigious “All Inclusive” service. This option includes only noble products, such as Champagne and many VSOP X.O designations etc … It includes of course all that offers the formula Cocktail Bar Ephemeral.


You are a producer, project manager or creator we offer you an association by developing your brand or your product. We are committed to fully play our role of sponsor by representing and highlighting your products thanks to our knowledge in mixology and event coordination, lord of all your marketing operations.



Bar Events also offers fun workshops to help you improve or discover the world of mixology. Individually or in a group, the workshop will teach you to make 3 Cocktails, to use correctly the appropriate tools and terms to use..


Professionals in the hospitality industry, you want to optimize your establishment, or simply be accompanied during your opening. Our Barman chef will use all his experience and knowledge to help you grow your business. He will accompany you on all the steps to follow to manage your teams, your stocks and your customers.


Our Chef Barman offers his services to perfect you or discover the world of the bar and mixology. From the entrepreneur to the apprentice, from the simple to the most experienced, we are here for you. Minimum duration 1 day, consult us.

Brochure is available on request.

Who are we

Our Bartenders are at your service !

We operate in the whole of FRANCE. Bar Events is a team of Bartenders that offers high-end services for individuals and professionals. Our professional Barmaid & Bartenders team will take you on a journey through elaborate Cocktails from around the globe. Mark the spirits with Bar Events, the reference for ephemeral Bar!

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